AI in healthcare beyond the myth

AI in healthcare beyond the myth

Since 2010, the « Digital Patient Community » has been offering a series of international symposia devoted to the business, technological and organisational challenges of innovation in the healthcare sector. It was born of a public-private partnership of players active in the world of healthcare and is steered by a Scientific Committee under the chairmanship of Prof. Philippe Kolh, CIO of the CHU of Liège.

In 2019, we already dealt with artificial intelligence in healthcare, and came away with the conviction that it was better to talk about augmented intelligence than to label technology with the adjective ‘intelligent’, which it does not have.

The 2024 edition returns to the theme of AI in healthcare to look beyond the dream, as we reach what Gartner describes as the « peak of oversized expectations ». In the space of just a few months, Chat GPT has eclipsed all its technological challengers and invented for itself a global impact that is sometimes exciting, sometimes dramatic, sending millions of gullible people in its wake into what Fix calls « the swamp of expert speakers ».

The role of the Patient community is not to be part of the fad, and even less to participate in the buzz effect… A number of experts take care of that for us. Our role is to take an objective, critical look at digital technology and the way it is influencing the healthcare sector in terms of both its technological and human skills.

At this 14th edition, the emphasis will be on interaction between renowned speakers and the 500 participants from the world of European healthcare. That’s why, alongside the plenary lectures, we’ll be holding a number of round tables and workshops. Conferences in English and French will provide an opportunity to hear renowned speakers, while leaving plenty of room for feedback and discussion.

The day will be punctuated by networking opportunities with our industrial partners, and will close with the awards ceremony and a cocktail reception.

The speakers

Cris Ross

Mayo Clinic

François BRAUN

Councillor and former Minister for Health and Prevention
CHR Metz-Thionville

Saila Rinne

Acting Head of unit
DG Connect of the European Commission

Eric Vibert

Professor of Digestive Surgery
Faculté de Médecine Univ. Paris Sud

Philippe Olivier

Medical Director
Groupe santé CHC

Judith Mehl



Emergency physician
Centre Hospitalier de Cambrai
Chairman and founder of Sclépios I.A.

Benoît Macq


Amal Bourquia

Director – Al Amal Centre
President – association REINS

Luc Soler

Faculté de médecine université de Strasbourg

Alexandre Unger

Assistant specialist candidate – Researcher
Fonds Erasme

Chanfi Maoulida

Chief Digital Officer
Service de Santé des Armées

Leah Rifi

Doctoral student
IMT Mines Albi

Valerie Kokoszka

Maître de conférences
Centre d’Éthique Médicale – Université Catholique de Lille

Franck Fontanili

Associate professor
IMT Mines Albi

Julien Guerin

Chief Data Officer
Institut Curie

The programme

The programme can be adapted according to the availability of the speakers.

Innovation award

Talking about innovation without discovering emerging practices, tools in gestation or even achievements on the way to industrialisation would seem somewhat lame. That’s why the Scientific Committee of the Digital Patient has decided this year to reward an innovative project by awarding its « Innovation award Patient Numérique 2024« .

The aim of the « Innovation award Patient Numérique 2024″ is to reward the best technological or user innovation project in the healthcare sector, carried out within healthcare institutions and providers or insurance organisations.

A single prize will be awarded and presented to the winners at the « Patient Numérique Seminar 2024 » to be held on 17 October 2024. This prize comes with a detailed analysis of the solution by 150SoH experts, worth €3,000.

How to apply:

Entries may be submitted until 30 September 2024. The entry form and rules will be sent to you on request by e-mail to

Applications must be submitted by the same electronic means and an acknowledgement of receipt validating your application will be sent to you.

Nos partenaires

Practical info

Dates :

17 october 2024 from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Venue :

Business Village Ecolys à NAMUR

Avenue d’Ecolys 2
5020 Namur


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